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SMITA Malaysia Membership
(For Companies incorporated in Malaysia and based in Klang Valley)
Benefits and Privileges
  • Credibility and international recognition as a SMITA member

  • Capacity building and upskilling of human resources through participation in Global Trade eXchange once a month, training, coaching sessions and seminars

  • Participation in monthly BizConnect sessions to get the latest information sharing on local and international markets – e.g. market risks, competitive landscape

  • Participation in local and international trade missions, business matching events and study tours

  • Connection to the world market – especially ASEAN, Central Asia, Latin America, China etc.

  • Assistance and advice in exporting – how to mitigate challenges, certifications requirements

  • Information on G2G Policies such as Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), tariff barriers in exploring international market

  • Connection to the relevant Government Agencies and departments for assistance with regards to international trade

  • Information on Government incentives and assistance on application

  • Advice on business model and operations, and reference to the right professionals

  • Accessibility to potential investors, funders and joint venture partners

  • Assistance in hiring interns from local and international universities

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