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SMITA Malaysia was incorporated with a mission to assist all SMEs to trade internationally as the world has now transformed into a borderless market with so many Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) being signed, trade barriers being lifted, procedures being harmonized and many new markets being discovered.


SMITA is Malaysia’s premier international trade organisation providing a strong platform and professional advice and guidance to entrepreneurs who are either thinking of going into international business or who are already doing business internationally, be it in manufacturing, services or trading.

We are a highly active group that aims to bring to SMEs the tools they need to succeed, while at the same time working to provide more information on current market situation and work closely together with government ministries and agencies at all levels to promote international trade.

One of my great joys is providing guidelines to budding young entrepreneurs trying to make their mark in the business world and then tracking their road to success.

However, many times I have seen vibrant and innovative businesses suffer due to the constraints imposed by the indifference of bureaucracy and the ever increasing web of red tape they must navigate to keep their doors open.

We understand that running business at SME level is tough and challenging. But every successful business starts with a bold first step. And the first step we are referring here is to the international market and probably unknown to many SMEs.

The SME business owners sometimes have to be a Jack of all trades, managing tasks that a bigger business would either outsource or employee specialists to manage. Yet SMEs account for more than half of the jobs created in the private sector and their survival is integral to the national’s economic health.

Our core objective is to enhance the rate of success and minimise the rate of failure in SMEs’s contribution to the country economy, and to promote the world’s best practice in business through our action plans.

To prepare SMITA members and SMEs in Malaysia and sharpen their knowledge and skills to do business globally, SMITA organises events such as the SMITA InnoPreneurs eXchange once a month as well as SMITA Biz Connect every two months, which cover topics on market access to various parts of the world.

SMITA is a partner to Standards Malaysia, a government agency and accreditation body that oversees the accreditation of over 6000 standards in the country. SMITA also has strong relationships with other local and foreign government agencies which are related to international trade to promote bilateral trade.

Since its incorporation, SMITA has established international collaborations in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile to benefit from the market of Pacific Alliance countries and also China, United Kingdom, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

In recognition of the problems faced by Malaysian companies in exporting, SMITA has launched SMITA Academy in 2019. SMITA Academy is the training arm of SMITA Malaysia and SMITA Global that provides trainings and solutions to bridge the skill gaps in international business. Our courses cover essential skills for international business expansion such as topics like Export Readiness, Business Pitching, Effective Business Matching Skills etc.

SMITA has set up SMITA International Market Procurement Centre (SIMPC) to assist SMEs to export their products and services with ease, and at the same time facilitate them to source for raw materials for their products.

SMITA pledges to do its utmost best to assist all SMEs to venture successfully into the international market.

If you are in line with our mission and objective, I would certainly urge you to join SMITA and work with us to achieve a better deal for SMEs all over the world.

Best regards,

Megane S.C.Soo


SMITA Malaysia

SMITA Global