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Photo Gallery 2017

14 JANUARY 2017

2017 (1).png

SMITA President welcoming Ecuador Ambassador and spouse

2017 (2).png

Tossing of "yee sang"!

2017 (3).png

Many first timers…enjoying the fun of tossing of the “yee sang”!

2017 (4).png

A traditional custom, the “Lions” presenting the auspicious fruit pomelo to SMITA President as a gesture of wishing her and SMITA good luck and prosperity

2017 (5).png

SMITA President presenting a portrait to Matrade CEO, Dato’ Dzulkifli Mahmud as a gesture of appreciation to him for supporting SMITA and also wishing him happy retirement

2017 (6).png

With guests who flew all the way from Japan

2017 (9).png

Ambassador of South Africa, H.E. Samkelisiwe Isabel Mhlanga giving SMITA President a warm hug as a gesture of thank you and friendship

2017 (7).png

SMITA President presenting a momento to Datuk Fadilah Baharin, Director General of Standards Malaysia for being present at the event

2017 (8).png

SMITA President taking photos with some SMITA members and invited guests

2017 (10).png

“Yum Seng!” SMITA members proposing a toast to all guests


2017 (11).png

South Africa Business Matching

2017 (12).png

Meeting with Kagoshima Prefecture PR Division

2017 (13).png

Meeting with Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) Minister, Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau

2017 (14).png

Meeting at ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia

2017 (15).png

Meeting with Bogota Chamber of Commerce in Bogota, Columbia

2017 (16).png

Business Matching Event in Bogota, Columbia

2017 (17).png
2017 (18).png

Market Survey to Mexico City, Mexico

2017 (19).png

Meeting with Supermarket National Association (ANTAD)

2017 (20).png

Meeting with Mr. Refik Ozgur, Chief Commercial Counsellor of Turkey

2017 (21).png

Columbia Day Forum

2017 (22).png

Invitation to do business in Latin America Seminar at Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI)

2017 (23).png

French-Malaysia Innovation Challenge 2017 Press Conference

2017 (24).png

ASEAN Policy Dialogue on Starting Biz

2017 (25).png

High Level Dialogue on ASEAN Italy Economic Relations held in Jakarta, Indonesia

2017 (26).png

ASEAN - Korea FTA Workshop

2017 (31).png

9th Latin American Festival with Ambassador of Columbia, H.E. Victor H. Jaramillo

2017 (27).png
2017 (28).png

Signing Ceremony of SMITA with Bogota Chamber of Commerce

2017 (29).png
2017 (30).png

Meeting with Thailand and Venezuela Ambassadors


2017 (32).JPG
2017 (33).JPG

Signing ceremony with Peru Exporter Association (ADEX) and Sierra Y Exportadora

2017 (34).JPG

Meeting with 11street Thailand

2017 (37).JPG

South America Business Matching

2017 (38).JPG

MITI Latin America Business Day

2017 (41).JPG

Meeting with Vietnam Ambassador

2017 (36).JPG

Meeting with Board of Investment (BOI) Thailand

2017 (35).JPG

Thailand Industry Expo

2017 (39).JPG

ThaiLab Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand

2017 (40).JPG

Meeting with Spain Ambassador

2017 (42).JPG

Meeting with Argentina Ambassador

2017 (43).JPG

Meeting with Brazil Ambassador

2017 (44).JPG

Meeting with Finland Ambassador

2017 (45).JPG

Meeting with Cuba Ambassador

2017 (46).JPG

Meeting with the General Manager of Chinese Peruvian Chamber of Commerce

2017 (47).JPG

Courtesy Call to Ambassador of Malaysia to Peru, H.E. Chuah Teong Ban

2017 (48).JPG

SMITA Delegation to Expoalimentaria 2017 in Lima, Peru

2017 (50).JPG

Signing ceremony with Sierra Y Selva Exportadora

2017 (49).JPG

Signing ceremony with ADEX (Peru Exporter Association)

2017 (52).JPG
2017 (51).JPG

Trade Mission to Santiago, Chile

2017 (53).JPG
2017 (54).JPG

Signing ceremony with Santiago Chamber of Commerce (SCC), witnessed by Ambassador of Malaysia to Chile

2017 (55).png

SMITA delegation at the Turkey Export Week in Istanbul, Turkey

2017 (56).png

SMITA President speaking 
at the Turkish Export Week

2017 (57).png

SMITA team visit to Matrade CEO

2017 (58).png

National Awareness Forum On Quality with Presenter from PTB Germany

2017 (59).png

Meeting with Colombia Ambassador

2017 (60).png

Forum on Promotion of Vietnam Products to Malaysia

2017 (61).png

Meeting with Pro Mexico Minister of ASIA

2017 (62).png

AEC & ASEAN Regional Cooperatives

2017 (63).png

Meeting with Matrade Latin America Division 

2017 (64).png
2017 (65).png

SMITA Away Day

2017 (66).png

Comprehensive and Progressive TPPA Forum

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